la ventana classic

Education is a cause very close to our hearts. It was Nelson Mandela who said "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

And so it brings us so much joy at being able to contribute to the great cause of keeping as many bright young students as possible in school.

We will be sure to post pictures, so check back with us soon!

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baja kite park showdown

It was our absolute please to be a part of the Baja Kite Park Showdown, down in La Ventana, from January 11th - 13th 2019



We performed a demo jump into the competition on Saturday, and even managed to skydive in their organiser, Fritz Otiker for the opening of the competition on Sunday.


This is what he had to say: "theres no other way to see our amazing community of la ventana than flying in the sky. thanks a ton for taking me up for my first jump. a memory that will last a lifetime"

The winners of the Mens and Womens competition each received a voucher for a free tandem skydive with us.

rancho las cruces

We had the extraordinary opportunity to operate from Rancho Las Cruces during the Baja Kite Park Showdown.

An enormous thank you goes out to their entire team who treated us like kings and queens for the time we were there.

A special thanks goes out to Amanda Rodrigues, for making our dreams come true.

Please go and learn more about their incredible history, and the great work they do in preserving our environment.

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