$299.00 usd +16% sales tax

  • See the world through the eyes of a bird, as you take in the La Ventana coastline on your plane ride into the sky

  • SKYDIVE FROM 12.000 FEET WITH OUR PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTOR. Your instructor will be capturing video and photographs of your entire experience from his HANDYCAM camera

  • Experience HUMAN FLIGHT for 40 seconds, before opening your parachute and FLOATING BACK TO EARTH, spending a full 5 minutes seeing the ocean and the sky like you have never seen it before landing gently on the beach​

  • Your video will be edited, letting you relive all the emotions of the jump and canopy flight from the close-up perspective of your instructor


  • You'll receive more than 80 PHOTOGRAPHS, as well as a fully and professionally 4K EDITED VIDEO to the SOUNDTRACK OF YOUR CHOICE, all received before you leave the dropzone

What does this get me?

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