• Jumps will be made using a Cessna 182B, but she has a P-Ponk Conversion, and is one of the fastest 182's around

  • Dont be discouraged by the size of the plane. She will get 4 people to 14000ft in  under 25min

  • Beach landings!! 

  • Shaded packing areas

  • We currently do not have credit card facilities available, but are working on a plan to make things easier. Arrangements will be confirmed prior to your arrival. 

  • Manifest will be running on a "pay first - jump later" policy. Full refunds will be granted for loads not completed.


  • B Licence and above

  • Proof of valid licence

  • Logbook

  • Own gear with a reserve that has been repacked less than 180 days before March 23rd 2019

  • Fully functional AAD

  • Please remember, we do not have rigging facilities at the dropzone. Ensure your gear is all ready to go before you arrive, or you will not be able to jump


  • To register, please send an email to skydive@jumpthebreak.com. 

  • You will receive a return email with your waiver that needs to be completed.

  • You will also receive an invoice for your registration fee of $50 USD

  • Included with your registration is a tshirt, so be sure to include your size

  • Mandatory DZ briefing and gear checkout must be completed before ANY jumping can happen. Daily DZ briefings will take place every evening once jumping has finished for the day

how to get here

​We will do our best to give a comprehensive overview of the logistics in getting to our little piece of heaven. If you have any questions that arent listed here, please email us, and we will do our best to point you in the right direction. 

  • BY PLANE - You can fly directly to La Paz International Airport, which is about 45 minutes away from La Ventana. Alternatively, you can fly to Cabo San Lucas, which is a 2 and a half hour drive from La Ventana. 

  • CAR RENTAL - There are numerous rental agencies at both the airport, and in La Paz. There is also an agency in La Ventana. We do recommend having your own transportation, as public transport is not prevalent. 

  • DRIVING - If you're feeling brave enough to drive, La Ventana is 2 days drive south of the US California border post. We recommend going through the Mexicali or Tecate borders, as they are much quieter, and have shorter wait times. There is a major fuel shortage in mainland Mexico, so we dont advise you take that route. 

  • Watch out for cattle and potholes!

We get it, its a long way to travel, and you might be saying "Well what if its too windy to jump? Then what?" There are masses of things to do in this area, to keep the entire family happy.


Here are just some of the things we can recommend:

  • Baja Joes - www.bajajoe.com

  • This place has everything. Accommodation, beach, great food, kiting school, bar, live music, and an incredible vibe. If you only went to one place here, this is the one.

  • Kiteboarding

  • Whale watching

  • Boat Rides

  • The Ventana View - www.theventanaview.com is a great source of information for events, restaurants, and accommodations

Accommodation is available to fit all budgets. Its the end of the season, so prices are a little lower then at the peak, and more options are available. All the usual travel advisory / booking platforms have places listed. 

The options for restaurants and bars are endless. Most places are kid friendly too. Visit The Ventana View - www.theventanaview.com - for a list of all the speciality nights happening. Usually, there are $100 MXN per person, eat all you can nights happening too. 

There are small grocery stores in town where you can get most things you need, and farmers markets too. 

For bigger needs, La Paz has Walmart, Soriana, Home Depot, Liverpool, Sam's Club etc. 

Most places accept debit and credit cards, but we have also experienced issues occasionally. Street vendors and markets will only accept cash, so we recommend having some cash available. There is only one ATM in town, and when that runs out of money or has a breakdown, its a few days before its fixed again.


There are lots of ATM's in the airport upon arrival, so no need to exchange money before leaving home. Just ensure that your bank is aware of your travels, or your cards might be blocked. 




paying for goods

EMAIL US FOR any enquiries

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