kelly helfrich


Kelly began skydiving in 2004 at a small club called Skydive Xtreme, located in the northern part of South Africa. She participated in the NatCom, a fundraising committee assisting skydivers train, travel and participate in the South African Nationals. The following years were spent travelling around to different dropzones throughout the Northern part of the country, particularly Johannesburg and Pretoria.


While Kelly has not been an active skydiver for many years, she has always been surrounded and involved in the activities, organising, and the general education that comes from spending a lot of time at dropzones.


In 2009, Nicholas and Kelly bid for, and won, the hosting rights for the 2nd FAI World Cup in Canopy Piloting. This prestigious event is held every second year, and 22 countries, with 78 competitors participated.​

Since then, she has spent 10 years as a Financial and General Manager, managing businesses from front to back. 

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