Dan is a natural born teacher, having been instructing surfing since the age of 15. All throughout the following years he spent the Canadian winter freediving, surfing, kiteboarding, shark diving and skydiving in Mexico and Costa Rica. He has the following certifications:

  • Level 3 Kiteboarding instructor, which is the highest level attainable

  • Level 1 Freediving instructor

  • High Performance Surfing instructor

  • Multi rated skydiving instructor, including Tandem Instructor, Video Camera-flyer, and is currently in process of getting a PFFI rating, the highest rating available.


In 2014, he started skydiving, and has increased his jump numbers exponentially since then. He currently has over 2000 skydives.  He has fulfilled the following responsibilities, specifically regarding students, during his time in the sport:

  • Coach 1

  • Coach 2

  • Jump master

  • GCI Radio Licence


Is a current record holder of the Canadian Largest Formation from a single prop, multi-aircraft formation, which was set in 2016.

Away from skydiving, Dan is a big animal rights activist, working on various projects for Semernaut Wildlife Protection Agency, as a volunteer throughout the winter in Mexico. Some of the projects he has worked on include:

  • Shark net rescue      

  • Turtle Hatchery 

  • Sea Lion and Whale Shark Rescue 


At Rotan, Little French Key Animal Sanctuary:

  • Simba, the adult Jaguar

  • Lawrence, the male lion 

daniel steinke

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