nicholas helfrich

Nicholas began skydiving in 2001, at Skydive Xtreme in South Africa. A small club based environment, he quickly became an integral part of the community. In 2003, he received full jumping sponsorship and competed in the South African National Skydiving Championships.


2003-2004 Travelled to USA on 10 year multiple entry visa. Worked in skydiving at numerous drop zones, such as Skydive Delmarva and Monterrey Bay. Starting off as a packer, he became the Packing Captain at Skydive Delmarva and then received his Camera Flyer accreditation.


In 2009, Nicholas and Kelly bid for, and won, the hosting rights for the 2nd FAI World Cup in Canopy Piloting. This prestigious event is held every second year, and countries around the world participate. A total of 78 competitors from 22 countries took part, and TWO WORLD RECORDS were set. 

Nic has continued to skydive and currently has 5800 skydives. A participant and record holder of the South African Big-Way Record, set in November 2017, he has remained an integral part of the skydiving community. He has represented South Africa internationally in 2008 and 2009, achieving his South African Senior Colours for Skydiving, which is the highest accolade an athlete can achieve. He now has the following ratings:

  • Coach 1

  • Coach 2

  • Video Flyer

  • Tandem Master

  • PFFI


He has spent his years outside of skydiving too. Owning and managing his own business for many years, he made the decision in April 2018 to pursue a career outside of the corporate world by going back to his first love – skydiving, but this time as a full time occupation. 

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