There isnt a person alive that hasnt been told to trust their gut feeling, and this story is no different.

Nicholas and Kelly are from South Africa, and used to be a part of the Johannesburg Skydiving Club. For a few years, we were privileged enough to have a PAC 750-XL as the jump plane. Her tags, very appropriately, were ZS-BLU. She had a beautiful paint job. 

Fast forward a few years, and we are hunting for a plane for this adventure, and we come across this one. The first thing we both said, is that plane looks like BLU. It turns out that the people that had bought her, were the same people that were selling this C182. They had loved BLU's paint job so much, that when they had their own plane resprayed, they copied her design.

The only thing they changed was instead of her being a swallow, she is painted underneath as a stingray. Being in Baja, where the ocean and its incredible wildlife are part of the everyday life, this plane just stole our hearts.

And so, half a planet away from home, the puzzle has just clicked into place


  • A Cessna 182B, our plane is the heart of our operation.

  • A narrow body, lightweight, with a P-Ponk engine conversion, means she gets you up to altitude faster.

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